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An agent who has the freedom to eliminate any threat he perceives in any manner he sees fit.

Usually such agents are covered by "plausible deniability" - the agent is told what his job is, but not through the normal chain of command, so that the orders are not recorded. This way, if the agent is captured or killed, the government who sent the agent can claim that he was a rogue agent, acting without official orders or permission.
Sam Fisher is a spinter cell.
by Macavity January 23, 2004

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1) To apply wax to something (either as a coating or as graffiti)

2) To kill; derived from fighter-pilot slang (originalmeaning: 'to shoot down in aerial combat')
1) Hey, who waxed "Police Everywhere Justice Nowhere" on the courthouse?

2) Whoa, he waxed that MiG with his eyes closed!
by Macavity August 25, 2005

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Following a relatively safe corridor through enemy anti-aircraft fire. Often used in conjuction with 5 by 5, meaning that the craft in question is either undamaged or has suffered very little damage.
"We're in the pipe, 5 by 5!"
by Macavity October 31, 2003

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A regular at any given Internet message-board system, or "forum".
The forumites of the GameSpy Forums are often plagued by the whining of n00bs.
by Macavity October 30, 2003

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The Kmart of goth.
"Where'd ya get that belt, man?"
"Hot Topic."
"...*mocking laughter*"
by Macavity February 23, 2004

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1) One of two cars driven by Bunta Fujiwara in Initial D (the Toyota AE86 Trueno and the silver Subaru Impreza WRX GC8V).

2) A nickname for these cars in real life.
"So which Buntamobile are you up against?"
"The silver WRX - Buntamobile Two."

Person who's just spotted a black-and-white Toyota AE86 Trueno:

"Omigod, a Buntamobile!"
by Macavity September 22, 2004

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1) A wheat-based adhesive, commonly composed of three parts wheat flour and two parts water.

2) To hang posters on buildings using wheatpaste.
1) I'm mixing the wheatpaste right now.

2) Let's get these posters wheatpasted.
by Macavity August 25, 2005

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