a bastardization of working with company while a student in college for alleged "mutual benefit", or the exploitation of college students as low paid somewhat educated technical bitch labor, or a person who wastes time at work by emailing other co-ops all day
I can't believe that my years of learning have gotten me this Office Space-esque monkey job as a (CAD, Excel, MS Office, etc.) bitch.

We sent an average of 347.53 emails per day on teh co-op email list.
by gtekwins August 4, 2003
Co-op is a bastardization of Co-operative, which means "done with cooperation". It is a commonly used term in multiplayer gaming to refer to a mode of play in the game where two or more players work together in playing the game.
I'm tired of deathmatching. Does anybody want to play some co-op?
by SpinSpyder May 25, 2003
A place which a homeschooled student can go to receive homework for fairly extensive periods of time.
"Sam went to his co-op yesterday-- I think he might be too stressed out to go swing dancing with me tomorrow night!"
by Pubsk00l October 27, 2011
a fun way to play the greatest game on earth, Halo. other examples include split-screen, single player, and x-box live
dude, lets do co-op (ladedadeda filler for the 20 letter limit)
by scott December 2, 2004
Jamal: "Yo where Goz be at B?"
Tyrone: "Man that nigga B at werk."
Jamal: "Word? Let's rob that nigga!."
Tyrone: "Nah nah nah. Goz B koo. He be givin a nigga meat n shit. Let's rob Felpel.
Tyrone: "Word, lets rob that nigga Felpel."
by kraka January 20, 2005
When you and one person go and get high and (or) drunk together, and hangout for the remainder of the day or night.
Hey bro,wanna do some Co-Op?

by nipplepie August 18, 2009
a store in Canada where many sports moms and old people go to wash or fill up their car and get groceries.
child- hey mom what do you do when im at football practice?
mom- why i go to the Co-op of course
by humpaloo March 5, 2006