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An unsavoury substance, usually a semi-viscous liquid that either feels bad, smells bad or is particularly nasty in some form.
"Oh my god! I've got splick all over my shoes! I think I've trod in dogshit"
by Trafford October 23, 2004
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An expression for forgetting what you were talking about. It happens a lot when you smoke too much weed and have a short term memory.
"So we were smoking at the gorge and... splick I forget what I was talking about.
by Caitlin Costello April 29, 2005
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The contents possetted by a baby. IT is not sick, it is not milk, it is Splick. Babies which perform this often are fondly addressed as Splickle or Splicklett. Any cloth which is used to mop up this Splick, eg a Muslin, is also referred to as a Splick Cloth. A lesser form of Splack.
Pass me the Splick Cloth , Honey, Splickle has just splicked up.
by JPMAY October 15, 2007
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The sound that something disgusting and slimy makes when it is tossed into your compost bin.
When I threw the rotten pumpkin into the compost it went "splick!"
by Juniper76 May 15, 2016
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