to suggest a lot of ideas for (a future activity) very quickly before considering some of them more carefully.
They brainstormed and mapped plans for dealing with problems like affordable housing and the budget shortfall.
by Frida Döerr July 25, 2008
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To excrete feces through the anus; to defecate. Usually performed in public restrooms at the workplace.
Josh was brainstorming in the stall next to me while taking a business call on his cellular phone.

I gotto brainstorm, but the bathroom smells like curry!
by Moses Maloney May 16, 2006
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Receiving a blow job while doing your homework.
"Dude last night Lauren came over while I was studying and she totally laid down the brainstorming"

by lamou1nr October 28, 2008
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one of many business buzzwords taught usually in marketing class. It is a process, in which a group of businessmen who know little about the underlying products or the market, generate ideas that do not follow either rationality, sanity or laws of gravity. Afterwards, based on little research, they discard the seemly infeasible ideas and decide on one that is doomed to failure.

Supervisor: I need you all to come out with some new marketing ideas on our new smartphone

marketing department: after intensive brainstorming we have come out with the following solutions
A. bash our competitor
B. improve our product
C. rap music advertising with a lot of babes

Supervisor: Great! Let's go with C.
by safety inspector December 15, 2008
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To reminisce about a sexual experience so intense, it makes you feel like you have just finished running a marathon.
Just the sight of Antoine has all the ladies brainstorming. However, Lisa is his only Muse because she’s proven Worthy of the “Total Package”.
by Candi Carats July 6, 2022
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When you get amazing head from three or more girls at once. Can also be three or more guys on one girl.
Man I just got the best brainstorm yesterday!
by T-Perry March 6, 2010
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The act of a female torturing her boyfriend by attaching a crab to an electric fence and then to his penis.
My boyfriend wasn't answering my questions so I Brainstormed him.
by RedneckGamer January 27, 2015
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