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An ancient method of creating special effects in movies, involving a meticulous process of filming a model against a green screen. Has been almost completely replaced by CGI.
Jurassic Park was almost filmed using stop motion, but ended up with CGI dinos when the producers realized that stop motion is one fugly way of doing special effects.
by little geek January 1, 2006
One of the three current mainstream consoles. Although there is a little variety in the xbox library, it is basically a system for those who want mindless bloodbath shooters.
The Xbox is single-handed responsible for the generation of kids that are growing up thinking they are total badasses because they run over cops in Grand Theft Auto.
by little geek July 16, 2005
A once talented director whose success with the Star Wars films has driven him completely insane.
Twenty bucks says that in ten years, George Lucas will be living in a cave, saving his urine, not cutting his fingernails, and trying to kill himself with a plastic lightsaber.
by little geek July 2, 2005
A black actor who's appeared in just about every movie. Ever.
When in doubt, cast Samuel L. Jackson in a supporting or leading role.
by little geek July 9, 2005
Abbreviation for Real Life, a free MMORPG/FPS that automatically logs you in when you exit all other computer games. Some of the features include:

-Insanely high FPS
-Virtually no lag
-No load times
-State of the art ragdoll physics

Unfortunately, there's a very steep learning curve, and there doesn't appear to be any respawn for dead players.
There are no respawn points in RL, unless you're a Buddhist or a Hindu.
by little geek March 19, 2006
The most ingenious projectile weapon known to man. Commonly created by taking a small piece of paper that had been balled and moistened in the mouth, placing a thin tube to the lips (such as a plastic straw or broken pen), and blowing so that the projectile passes through the tube at a high velocity until impacting in a vivid display of saliva. Over the years, the spitball has become one of the greatest threats to teachers, school administrators, nerds, and obese girls everywhere. Attempts have been made to limit the spread of this dangerous weapon, but the spitball remains prevalent because of how easy it is to create, use, and conceal.
"Oh man, Justin hit Allie in the ear with a spitball. The teacher is still trying to find out who did it!"

"Ha ha... my Dad told me about how he used to shoot spitballs into nerds' eyeglasses. That weapon is timeless."
by little geek January 28, 2006
Short for "What the hell." Used by pussies who don't want to say "What the fuck."
Dude: Hey
Other Dude: WTH are you doing here?
Dude: WTF is wrong with you?
by little geek December 9, 2005