Starbucks keeps giving me paper straws and they always disintegrate before I finish my drink. And sometimes they don't even give me a straw. Do they expect my Caramel Macchiato to stir itself? I understand why people don't like plastic straws, but can Starbucks not succ as much? *Sips tea angrily*
by IRL_ August 18, 2019
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The illegal form of a straw that will definitely destroy the earth as opposed to carbon emissions and factory pollution. Don’t inform Starbucks that you’re using one.
David: Can I get a plastic straw?
by goshdangitmark March 2, 2022
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vsco girls biggest nightmare and they will kill all the turtles. If you are friends with a vsco girl never use plastic straws or they will haunt you in your dreams and kill your hydroflasks. Watch out for the plastic straws!
Dan: (hops through a time machine- from 2050 to 2020) hello who are you?
Vsco girl: Save the turtles sksksksksk
Dan: what are turtles?
Vsco girl: wtf???
Dan: hey, do u Want a drink? (Hands her a plastic soda with a plastic straw)
Vsco girl: AHHHHHHH!!!! *faints*
by Elephant27 January 8, 2020
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When you wake up after a night of being a Sub and finding an object in your asshole the next morning.
by lordofthighs March 11, 2019
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