A drawing toy from the 60's that uses many different sizes of gear~like shapes put into larger circles & you draw incredible, fantastic geometric designs.
The spirograph was a favorite of many children in the 60's. Amazing designs can be created with it!
by Starchylde May 21, 2016
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A stencil object usually used in recreational activies involving young children, ages 4 to 89. Mostly used with a pen or pencil. A piece of paper would be handy, as well.
"The spirograph is cool, fo' shizzle mah nizzle."
by Jon November 16, 2003
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When toilet paper is soiled, put into the bowl of the toilet, then when the toilet is flushed, the paper rises with floating on the water and rotates from the Coriolis effect and the soil (poop) decorates one's bottom.
"Here I sit all brokenhearted, came to poop and became SPIROGRAPH decorated"
by B-29 guy November 30, 2017
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a sexual act named for a popular children's toy which creates random designs. the act is performed while having sex with a woman of petite proportions, also known as a "spinner", who is currently menstruating. the man spins her around thereby creating colorful designs on his bedsheets with her menstrual fluid.
These sheets are filthy! Did you make a sloppy spirograph on them or what?
by dragonschld June 11, 2008
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(Verb)/(noun) The act or action of standing upright and urinating whilst spinning in a circle
Hey babe! Come look at this Spirograph I made!
by Screwbabies April 21, 2020
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(n.) A person with a lot of stitching.
Allow me to introduce my friend, the human spirograph. 65 inches of stitching, call him razors.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 29, 2004
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