The one piece of universally applicable advice that adequately explains any situation. Usually used by a superior professional to a beginning professional, when the former has taught absolutely nothing to the latter.
Nurse: Holy shit dozens of people are coming in with unknown ailments!
Doctor (Going on break): you'll do fine. Remember, take the Coriolis effect into account.
Nurse: What about variable humidity?
Doctor: Yeah, that too.

Student: How am i supposed to know what to study for the final?
Tutor: Look, our time us up. Just take the coriolis effect into account, and you'll do fine.
Student: Did we cover variable humidity?
Tutor: Yes, that will be on the exam.

Original example:
Cpt macmillan: Remember what i've taught you. Keep in mind variable humidity and windspeed along the bullet's flight path. Also, at this distance, you'll have to take the Coriolis effect into account.
by aukuo May 3, 2009
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