a person giving all they have for another. They are willing to do everything in their power to protect that person, and that includes "bleeding out for them".
if the last thing that I do
Is to bring you down
I'm bleeding out for you
by boomSwaggah December 21, 2013
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Phrase - To bleeding externally and/or exsanguinate.

-An insult that conveys complete contempt.
The girl was exhausted with her once friends abuses. In apathy and contempt, she told her friend to bleed out.
by Ieyasus January 9, 2023
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When a poorly coded application comsumes all available physical and virtual memory, ultimately depleting the computer's life force.
Man, I'm pushing 6 gigs of of committed memory... I hope this render finishes before this thing bleeds out.
by Gedster May 10, 2005
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When you and you're girlfriend are having sex and she gets her period. You then continue to have sex with her while she is bleeding.
by shitthappens March 4, 2012
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