Definition of a snowflake in my own words: A "snowflake" Is someone who acts self-righteous and has a holier-than-thou attitude alongside a morally superior idea that everyone is an ant beneath their feet and that they should convert to their agenda and thinking process. A snowflake dislikes anyone who disagrees with their opinions and shall proclaim and label them with vast derogatory aggressiveness. They will label people Nazis, racists, fascists, sexists, socialists, rapist, and communists.

Now, sometimes if they have the numbers, they will attempt to silence people with violence. However, when either side of the political spectrum does these things, they both prove that they are no better than each other, thus making them massive slack-jawed hypocrites. It's all nothing but hypocrisy and finger pointing nonsense that leads nowhere but to more ignorance.
Special Snowflake: "I'm going to point my finger at you and tell you how immoral and ignorant you are and act like a self-righteous, goodie-two-shoes, holier-than-thou person while acting like a hypocrite in the process of ignoring the ironic fact that I am no better either."
by those defs May 28, 2017
similar to special snowflake syndrome, the term means a self righteous pro censorship retard who's offended by everything
guy 1 "I'm offended at your opinion!"
guy 2 "it's called free speech special snowflake"
by itssquarehead May 6, 2017
The Special Snowflake (Also referred to as one with the "Special Snowflake Syndrome" or "SSS") is a person who believes they are different and unique from everyone else because of something there are or do. This thing they are or do, most commonly is something is something many many other people are doing, E.G. Genderfluid, Therian (Otherkin), etc. Special Snowflakes almost always have a superiority complex.
Some Special Snowflakes are protesting at Target because they aren't allowed to wear their costumes inside.
by ClusterFuck October 7, 2015
A member of that newly-adult, me'er-than-me generation which expects attention and praise just for being themselves -- doing anything to deserve it is completely optional.
Oh, he's too much of special snowflake to get a day job -- his mom's paying the rent while he hangs out waiting for the perfect high-paying project to come along. I guess the market for C-minus filmmaking majors is a little soft right now or something.
by Bathsheba February 21, 2008
I come from Germany, and the "top rated" (by whom?) definition of "special snowflake" refering to the holocaust is pure bull. Not only is it historically and etymologically wrong, it is also a dangerous example of propaganda.

The term "special snowflake". First of all the Nazis didnt call jews "snowflakes" or "Schneeflocken", whats the German term. There is no known example of referering to people by the term "Schneeflocke" in the German language. Furthermore it does not make any sense to make "special snowflake" an acronym for "SS", because they wouldn't refer to their "Schutzstaffel" and a jew with the same word... this is a common myth spread by antifa groups to declare the term "special snowflake" hate speech and Nazi-propaganda though it is not.

The term "special snowflake" referes to the physical fact that all snowflakes are unique, and that so are people. Making it absurd that a snowflake would be more special than another, the same goes for people.

The term was recently often used for the 2010-generation of people, wanting "safe spaces" and bonuses for being gay, transgender, black, migrant or whatever because they would not profit from the so called "white privilege".

In accordance to that, the "special snowflake syndrome" means the conviction that one (or often, one's child) is, in some way, special and should therefore be treated differently from others.
"I want a bathroom for transgenders. I neither feel safe taking a pee in the men's or the girl's room."
"Jesus, you are a special snowflake, aren't you?"
by Thetis83 May 2, 2017
snowflake is the new word for liberal twat tard .
The entire special snowflake crowd cried when queen Hillary was deep sixed.
by carlcCarl May 22, 2017
A problem person. A person who thinks they are unique, different and therefor more special that everyone else. Derived from too many parents telling their kids they are "special," like a "snowflake." Typically used by used by those in the customer service or retail industry to refer to bad customers.
That lady was a special snowflake, in a blizzard of other special snowflakes; shes unique, just like everyone else.
by smilekittten August 15, 2008