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A ugly coyote is either an ugly woman or man; someone wakes right up to next to them in bed, in the morning when they're to late to realize it.
Jim: Hey joe, where your arm?

Joe: Oh, that. Yeah you see i got drunk and did a lot if drugs, so i met this beautiful girl... well... thats what i thought until i woke up this morning and to around only to see this ugly, monsterish, creature. Then i saw my arm cluched onto its stomach with its hand over mine.

Jim: So what did you do?

Joe: I nawed my arm off as you can see.

Jim: i guess you woke up to an ugly coyote.
by those defs December 8, 2015
Definition of a snowflake in my own words: A "snowflake" Is someone who acts self-righteous and has a holier-than-thou attitude alongside a morally superior idea that everyone is an ant beneath their feet and that they should convert to their agenda and thinking process. A snowflake dislikes anyone who disagrees with their opinions and shall proclaim and label them with vast derogatory aggressiveness. They will label people Nazis, racists, fascists, sexists, socialists, rapist, and communists.

Now, sometimes if they have the numbers, they will attempt to silence people with violence. However, when either side of the political spectrum does these things, they both prove that they are no better than each other, thus making them massive slack-jawed hypocrites. It's all nothing but hypocrisy and finger pointing nonsense that leads nowhere but to more ignorance.
Special Snowflake: "I'm going to point my finger at you and tell you how immoral and ignorant you are and act like a self-righteous, goodie-two-shoes, holier-than-thou person while acting like a hypocrite in the process of ignoring the ironic fact that I am no better either."
by those defs May 28, 2017