A term used by people to describe kids who aren’t disabled but act like it.
Look at Josh over there, he’s a bit of a special snowflake.
by 🔲🔲🔲🔲 April 5, 2019
A "Very Special Snowflake" is a person that acts in an extremely weird, angry or autistic way. A "Special Snowflake" is like a "Very Special Snowflake" but they act in less of a weird, angry or autistic way. A "Very Special Snowflake" is also any person who is a member of the "LGBTIQ" community.
Dam man, Will is a Very Special Snowflake.
Look at that Very Special Snowflake xD
by Lachlan Mateo Regalo August 7, 2018
spe·cial snowflake
1, a person who believes that they are special in everything before the moment of birth. they ALWAYS defend themselves constantly so they can have superiority over others. they often dwell in the web so they can accuse big or small groups or companies like whole foods, chick-fil-a, kfc, etc. they're commonly associated with furries, feminists, peta groups, etc. they may or may not have a alternate disorder schizophrenia. for politicaly correctness, Peter Pan syndrome
2, an alternate individual of a sjw.
normie: hi!
SPECIAL person: whatdidyousaytomefaggo?
normie: what?
SPECIAL person:*bitches* i will call the swat team just because of you SEXOFFENDER
normie: *fucking explodes*
a bystander: guess that SPECIAL person has special snowflake syndrome.
by tf2hatts December 17, 2018
A chemical used to repel those that are easily offended, banish all weird European films, and replace them with epic bacon and tires.
Snowflake: T R I G G E R E D
Me: Time to get the Special Snowflake Repellent out
by Special Snowflake Repellent August 30, 2019
A mentally challenged liberal. A special snowflake is typically not capable of partaking in political discourse, but many retain their rights to do so.
Yeah, xe is a special snowflake. Feel bad for xem, but God made xer that way.
by YevgenyDragunov April 20, 2018
A severe form of autism indicative of someone who not only is willfully disconnected from reality, but is so disconnected that they believe the exact opposite of what reality entails.

To see an example of a sufferer of Special Snowflake Syndrome, view any definition written by Lascau* Othell* on this site (the x and o were omitted for site rules). If you don't immediately see how cancerous and opposed to reality they are, you probably suffer from this disorder as well
Lascau* Othell* is the poster child for Special Snowflake Syndrome. He has constructed a bizarre new universe that is the polar opposite of how things are and he genuinely believes his asinine bullshit is the truth
by nibris June 18, 2017
Niall Horan is a prime example of a special snowflake because well... He's Niall. The Leprechaun. Other special snowflakes include his bandmates Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and Harry Styles.Special Snowflake Syndrome cannot be cured. Once a snowflake, always a snowflake.
by Pauly Higgins August 6, 2012