A method of filtering or sorting different objects or entities on a website, based on a user rating.

A quick way of getting to the good stuff, without trawling through the shite.
Haven't time to decide on one of the varied and plentiful categories on xhamster? Click "Top Rated" and smash one out in record time.
by simon79 June 15, 2014
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The person that, in each Urban Dictionary word or phrase, is featured as the top definition thanks to the popular votes he or she has received.
A Pink Floyd Fan is someone who likes Pink Floyd music, INCLUDING The Wall, for it doesn't mean that it is bad solely because it is popular, you top-rated motherfucker.
by PhillySportsFan March 21, 2009
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Term used to describe one who has mastered the sex.
It’s a shame you don’t want to date anymore because you were one of my top-rated schlongs.
by CulverCityToast December 10, 2018
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