A below average kid who is coddled and rewarded for mediocrity, usually by an overprotective mother, a 'sensitive' dad, or the public education system. The term stems from the concept that, like a snowflake, all children are special and unique and thus they should be treasured just the way they are so as to build their self-esteem.
Deanna's special little snowflake is in for a rude awakening when he gets out into the real world.
by Gettin' N Eiffel February 13, 2008
Pretty much the kind of person who calls others Special Snowflakes when noone agrees with them.
"Stop being such special snowflakes" -The special snowflake.
by Phboy June 12, 2020
Butthurt; "you're making me feel some type of way" being one of many favorite turn of phrases, Typical office bound, business suit wearing, lie to your face with a smile on theirs, while fleecing the trusting public, closeted cocaine addicts that think they are somehow above others that go to the gym and hit a treadmill for twenty minutes then take thirty minute showers because they broke a half-assed sweat that have never done anything that would involve actually getting dirt under their fingernails or calluses on their hands, and strive to have to work less for more money, especially if they can jew someone over in the process that think they live in the 1980's wallstreet era rather than the paradise that these parasites destroy for others, while robbing anyone of contentment if they can possibly find some way to justify being butthurt as though they have done no wrong in the process of becoming butthurt.
Jesus goddam christ, moron.. ..You think you're some kind of special snowflake, don't you.
by Cthulhu Rex October 6, 2018
My definition: someone who thinks they are so unique and special because they like things the think are " underground"" and that no body knows about" but the things they like are pretty common and pretty main stream for example.. they think they are so unique and special because they watch Anime or any tv show or band that they think is deemed "underground" when in reality everyone loves those things not just them! And they feel offended when someone shares a Interest in that thing then the start gatekeeping and act like they were the only ones who should know those things and nobody else should know.
"Special snowflake" omg I'm so quirky for liking the 80s lol this generation sucks I'm so much more Better than this generation for liking the 80s!

lol you do know a lot of people like the 80s right?

"Special snowflake" no most people don't like the 80s the way that I do,Most people just jump on the band wagon,bet they don't know what the move Robo Cop is!

yeah I'm pretty sure a lot of 80s fans know who robo cop is,what a fucking "special snow flake."
by That pat turtle. March 12, 2021
A Youtube guy that makes over-edited videos for fun and uploads them to youtube. He is also the leader of a group named 'The Sniggers'. His identity is unknown but is referred by other Sniggers as 'Pat'. His face is composed by a face mask, Sunglasses and a backwards cap, as known so far. This man is also known as a complete retard.
That Special Snowflake Guy is a retard.
by The Sniggers July 24, 2019