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Being a dick to random people on the street.
Yo so today we're gonna prank some black people by asking them to have sex with them.
by ClusterFuck October 11, 2015

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A party situated at a place where rich people live and contain expensive belongings.
Hey cracker, this fridays a pod party and I'm scoring me an ipod and some spinners!
by clusterfuck February 18, 2005

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1. Term you use to express anger to someone.

2. Name for a female who posses no funbags what-so-ever.
1. Hey coon tits give me back my missus!

2. Hey coon tits, are they milkable?
by clusterfuck February 18, 2005

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The Special Snowflake (Also referred to as one with the "Special Snowflake Syndrome" or "SSS") is a person who believes they are different and unique from everyone else because of something there are or do. This thing they are or do, most commonly is something is something many many other people are doing, E.G. Genderfluid, Therian (Otherkin), etc. Special Snowflakes almost always have a superiority complex.
Some Special Snowflakes are protesting at Target because they aren't allowed to wear their costumes inside.
by ClusterFuck October 06, 2015

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