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a slang term used in 90's England protests against the ira to define someone who you want to throw things at, the term usually refers to Ira members.
"see that Irish republican army geezer'? he's our fucking coconut stall"
by itssquarehead May 6, 2017
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The song that killed the band blur
Guy 1: favourite song
Guy 2: wonderwall that song ended blurs career
by itssquarehead June 3, 2017
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a nancy boy can cover three different people but the top one is the most important term.

1. a very feminised man (the original meaning)
2. but today it's used as a term for a gay guy too.
3. it can also be used to describe a boy on the transition to a girl.

it's most used by the British and the phrase most likely originated from either Manchester or Liverpool.
guy 1: are you seeing Robbie Williams tonight?
guy 2: no mate, he's a right nancy boy.
by itssquarehead April 25, 2017
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similar to special snowflake syndrome, the term means a self righteous pro censorship retard who's offended by everything
guy 1 "I'm offended at your opinion!"
guy 2 "it's called free speech special snowflake"
by itssquarehead May 6, 2017
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