A term used by the liberal media in the place of the term illegal immigrant to mislead the American people.
The liberal media is calling illegal immigrants migrants in order to get gullible Americans to accept them.
by RepWin June 23, 2018
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People usually from the Middle East and North Africa, who come to Europe for the free welfare and to harass as many native europeans as possible, through rape and trying to enforce sharia law. they are also referred to as Kebab or Terrorists.
Several EU countries take them in because of their radical leftist views of being "culturally enriched"
Germany: Hey Poland, I see you haven't taken any migrants in. Do you mind if I force you to take a few million?

Poland: OH HELL NO!
by Compatriot655 July 11, 2017
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Adjective - Describes new players to the Battlefield (usually BF3) video game series who (generally) have come straight from the Call of Duty series and don't have notion how to properly play Battlefield, ie they dont PTFO
BF player playing Rush: 'Who the fuck is this bollocks who is not helping his squad plant the charge??'

Cod Migrant: *laying prone in a bush with an SVD trying to boost his K/D not caring that his squad need him*

BF player playing rush: 'Arsehole'
by god bless anonymus January 25, 2012
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A person who, my moving across borders, is leading the world towards a post-national future. Before, it was common to distinguish among immigrants and emigrants, refering to those leaving or entering a country, respectively. Today the more common formulation is migrant because it does not suppose people have fixed places of origin or destination.
Migrants don’t belong to a single country. They are citizens of the world.
by tallerNuevoNorte January 18, 2018
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One of the main things that's currently killing the western world, they come and steal all of the jobs, commit petty crime, and fuck off back to where ever they came from after they've sucked all of the jobs and money out of the area.

Oh and did I mention that most of them live off of benefits.
British Person: So many low paying jobs have been lost thanks to Lithuanians, Bulgarians and other Slavic Migrants taking them all, when will it end?
by GuyWhoMakesUnfunnyJokes March 4, 2022
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(irish/Uk) a smelly dirty job thief from Eastern Europe and the Asian Sub-continient.
Yes Sean, apparantly we need economic migrants to keep the economy going
by robert mcscrote June 2, 2010
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PC Newspeak word for non-U.S. citizen who has entered the United States illegally, i.e., without proper documentation and without complying with legally required U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) procedures.

Synonyms: Undocumented Immigrant/Worker, Illegal Alien.

Mexicans who cross the Texas border into the U.S. by evading Customs checkpoints.

"Bob is such a pussy he uses 'migrant worker' instead of illegal alien.
by Anonymous May 3, 2003
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