An insulting term used for english white South African. These South Africans were claimed to have one leg in South Africa and one leg in England, thus dipping their balls in the salty ocean. "Soutie" directly translated means "a salty"
"Listen now Charlize, I can't stand these souties and their stupid language any mores not"
by yahya May 22, 2005
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A englishman with one foot in the UK, one Foot in South Africa, and his cock in the sea.
Stuart: I'm going to the UK with Lilly tomorrow!
Kobus: Julle is foken souties.
by africanbriton September 17, 2014
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Short for "Soutpiel".Derogatory term for English person. Literally means salt penis. Someone with one foot in England, the other in South Africa and the other bit hanging in the sea!
Soutie's kan nie rugby speel nie
by frankstank May 5, 2010
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Descendants from rather civilized Englishmen who worshiped the dear Queen of England, supporting her in all her majesty, ensuring that the sun never sets on British soil, therefore securing a position in which their testicles would hang into all the oceans of the world while singing God save the Queen, having faith that they would bring human development to the rest of the world.
Hey stop being such a Soutie! I requested a brandy with coke, not tea!!
by met eish ja April 22, 2011
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A clown with a dick the size of the galaxy. Usually found in Greek kids parties, Soutis is a predator like no other. He fucks everything that lives in a matter of seconds. This higher being has violated people for thousands of years. Some experts claim that he is God himself.
I saw Soutis at my kids' party today. His large dong had my attention for hours.
Soutis fucked the world without leaving a trace. He really is a master of his craft.
by Soutis November 24, 2021
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an annoying voice that is used to shatter human hopes and reduce life expectancy
she has such a souti voice when she started singing... 2 people died
by freemind241 December 5, 2015
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n. - A sexually transmitted virus that causes painful blisters that usually occur on the lips, genitals, and eyes. Genital Souties occur in rashes, or outbreaks, when the Souties Simplex Virus becomes active in the skin. Unlike Genital Herpes, which cause puss-filled blisters, Genital Souties are known to cause blisters that bear a distinctive resemblance to Brian Souter. Souties are known to have thick glasses, bushy beards, and are particularly painful in that Souties - unlike Herpes - are able to speak. Known to consistently harass the victim with endless conspiracy theories, Genital Souties often lead to suicide in victims who are desperate to escape the inane conspiracy talk.

Despite some available treatment options, there is no cure for Genital Souties. Ask your doctor about treatment options such as Soutrex. The only way to prevent Genital Souties is to avoid contact with conspiracy theorists.
Doctor: Son, I'm afraid I have some bad news: It's Genital Souties.

Victim: (begins weeping) Oh God, why did I keep going with that girl after she started talking about government mind control!
by Save Our Souters May 20, 2006
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