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ASK YOUR DOCTOR - The highly addictive marketing that most medical doctors fear: advertisements that end with the phrase, "Ask your doctor."

After an advertisement for a drug on television, radio, on the Interwebs or in print, really anxious or gullible patients immediately make appointments to see their doctors to try to pressure them into prescribing that drug for them.

This phrase was a banned word in 2007 on the Lake Superior State University "Banned Words List."
- Advertisement on TV: "Ask your doctor if "fill in the blank" is right for you! You can be "normal", "not depressed", "thinner", "free of bladder urgency and incontinence" "late for work because you will finally get it up and make whoopie" (choose one phrase as suits the advertisement).

- Patient: "Doctor B, the ad for (fill in blank) said, "'Ask your doctor.' I really think I need this drug because...(quotes advertisement) (doctor inwardly groans and counts to 10). I want you to write me a prescription today!"
by Worf Thaddeus March 08, 2014
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