a shortened version of now, often used in aave. mainly used by older black men/women.
“dont be doinall that nie, thinkin you grown
by sherlockedtbh June 1, 2022
Polish meaning no. In other sentences it is used as don't, aren't.
1.ty "nie" mas' nic!(you "don't" have nothing)
2.Ty 'nie' jestesz dobry,korwa masz.(you aren't good)
by SkiTtLe August 21, 2006
never, it's a german word used by many
"nie ein Rapper"= "never a rapper" a song by german rap artist bushido,it's been used in bourne identity, and is in german rap songs
by Jonathan C.wop July 13, 2005
Ni el hueco, ni el culo.
Otherwise known as the taint, between the scrotum and the anus.
Thst hoe was all up in my nie, lickin on my balls n´shit
by bigpappa69 February 16, 2009
Please see nies.

filler text
mmmm, a yummy yummy nie!
by Yaoi-chan December 31, 2005
Or "Ni Ni" is a shorter version of "Night night" or "Goodnight." Normally used in short hand messages. pronounced "N-Eye N-eye"
Nie nie, don't let the bedbugs bite!
by iamSoPC November 8, 2007
An angel. A princess. A term endearing the most beautiful girl in the world. The most special, most wonderful girl in the whole world.
Geraldine could not believe that nie-nie was actually his. What a lucky boy!
by Merriam Webster August 22, 2003