An offensive term for one who drinks habitually, (drunkard).
That sot's passed out at nine for the fourth night in a row.
by gus December 26, 2004
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Sex On Text
it like cybersex and phone sex except u fuck by keying in messages using ur cellphone.. SOT is ideal to do in public places, one way to please yourselves for a while loser…
I bang that jomelou in SOT, while waiting for the bus ride, damn my boxers had pre cum all over!
by jomelou June 13, 2006
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suck on that
referring to sucking a dick, instead of saying smd, which means suck my dick. usually used when you win or say a "put down"
person 1: wanna bet?
person 1: okay
*person 1 wins bet*
person 1: YEAHHH BOY, WIN. SOT.
by BecauseMelissaSaidIt. February 28, 2011
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Sexy and hot at the same time.
I walked down 6th avenue yesterday and passed a group of really good looking people. They were sot as all get out.
I said...yummy.
by jdiggy July 25, 2006
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another way of telling some one they look "so hot"
at the beach, when you wanna know how you look after you come out of the ocean..
"how do i look? is my hair crazy?"
"oh my god, you look sot."
by a-domn August 10, 2009
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The stage of alcohol intoxication immediately after tipsy and prior to soused.
That guy is sotted, well on his way to getting stinking drunk.
by Heptite February 6, 2009
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