Good, nice, awesome, tight, mint, dope, straight, ill, sick.
Although this can refer to "sot weed", which means tobacco, this word is actually a synonym of dank. Dank means good, nice, awesome, hot. If a hot girl walks by, she's dank. Maserati rolls by, u say "dank car". If you blaze some dope chronic, you would say that its some "dank nug". So if you find out you dont have to go to school or work tomorrow, you would say "sot".
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Save Our Team
Doge ball, you’re the last man on your side, teammates are yelling SOT SOT!!
by McGivens October 13, 2008
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a S.O.T. is short for a sittin' on a toilet or any black person in general that is over 200 lbs.
Me: Dude did you see that huge black lady over there
You: yeah shes such a s.o.t
by mwag November 02, 2010
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Sexy and hot at the same time.
I walked down 6th avenue yesterday and passed a group of really good looking people. They were sot as all get out.
I said...yummy.
by jdiggy July 25, 2006
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Summer Of The Sluts. When a group of girls pledge to go wild during the summer.
Susan and Betty are going to make the summer of a SOTS by going wild.
by skankpants June 24, 2010
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another way of telling some one they look "so hot"
at the beach, when you wanna know how you look after you come out of the ocean..
"how do i look? is my hair crazy?"
"oh my god, you look sot."
by a-domn August 10, 2009
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