An abbreviation for the game: “Sea of Thieves” available on xbox one and PC.
Hey, have you played SoT?
Yeah, I’ve been enjoying it!
by TheDefinitionsMan August 29, 2020
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SoT stands for Sea of Thieves, a Microsoft exclusive title playable on Xbox One and Windows 10.
Friend K, Friend H, and Friend C joined Z in a crew on SoT.
by DaddySauceKing March 20, 2019
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An acronym for “stay on text”.
Anna calling her best friend: “Talk to you after work, but let’s SOT.”
by pheobefromfriends December 30, 2019
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you: dude i was up all night playing sot last night

friend: oh really? i was playing fn
by rose garden May 27, 2018
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Stick of Truth. (Refers to the South Park: The Stick of Truth video game)
Cool guy: I can't wait to play SoT!
Scrub: ?
Cool guy: Stick of Truth... dumbass.
Scrub: I feel inferior.

Bonus Definition!: Scrub is a synonym for Alex.
by Royalrights December 25, 2014
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