a slutty high-maintenance cliquey bitch for whom drama is a kind of oxygen. This is the kind of girl who actively enjoys judging other girls for their worthiness and keeps a tight group of girls exactly like her. They don't realize how much distain they receive from the rest of the student body and even future employers.
"Just some sorority girl. You know how they are."
by jamie552 November 24, 2013
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A sorority girl is a female college student belonging to a social sorority. She may or may not live in a sorority house. She will normally be seen wearing Chanel sunglasses, a Northface jacket, and bag representing her sorority's letters. Sorority girls are typically high maintenance and very uppity. Most are white middle and upper middle class girls that are spoiled and extrememly materialistic. These bleach blondes are extremely loud and spend most of their time shopping and partying with frat boys. Often confused to be sluts, sorority girls are most often cock teases. Sorority girls are sometimes extremely protective of their sorority sisters and can only be distracted by a professional wing man.
I went to a party and all of the girls were blonde spoiled suburbanite zombies.

Yeah dude, they were total sorority girls.
by andykirby86 January 21, 2007
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Often pretty they lack intelligence or intellect. They are here on daddy's money and are very up-tight and high maintenance. They are often found with there loser counter parts- Fat boys. These are the only women stupid enough to hang out with them and subsequently propel their breeding ability. Avoid these sluts at all costs. Pretty as they may be - they often have STD's from there frat boys and are dumb as rocks.
That Sorority girl has herpes and gonorrhea. what a whore!
by unkown editor December 27, 2007
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Sorority Girl

A dusty ass female who decides to join a group of dumb cunts whom she calls "sisters" when she starts college. This girl is usually unable to find friends and be social by nature, so she must be surrounded by other slut bags like herself to build up confidence and be noticed in the college community. She pays in excess of several hundred dollars to just be part of this group of like minded bitches. On a warmer day, she may wear extra short jean shorts, with her ass sticking out the bottom of course, accompanied by a shirt showing off the letters of the cunt club she's part of. On a night out she will prep by taking many shots with the bitches surrounding her until they cannot stand, this comes into effect approximately 3-4 shots of liquor in. Her low alcohol tolerance is due to the fact that she feeds her body with only water and carrots or celery to maintain an anorexic body type because she believes she is fat. The intelligence level of this girl is the equivalent of a newborn puppy suffering from the most serious cases of Down syndrome. When talking her, she will talk only of material things and get easily distracted by the most minute things, mid conversation. When told a joke or sentence that requires some thought process, the sorority girl will initiate a reaction that the people around her are doing to hide the fact that she did not get what was said.
Some common sayings include:

1) Bitch hold my hair!!

2) I only had one glass of water today and a celery stick, and I'm so full

3) sorority girl 1: I think I'm gonna wake up early tomorrow to hit the gym. (The elliptical of course)

Sorority girl 2: omg you're such an overachiever. I wish I had your motivation.

4) Wait...... What?
by Ginger Tits November 14, 2013
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Upper class bimbos belonging to a sorority. They call each other sisters but are really talking about each other behind each others backs. Usually blonde, in their low to mid 20's, toting some designer bag, super short jean shorts/miniskirt, huge bug eye sunglasses, North face or other dumb brand jacket and a tiny tank top or sorority t-shirt to top it off.
Big surprise that their even in collage considering just how retarded they are. Seen laughing really obnoxiously and swearing about something stupid arm-in-arm with their baseball-capped, collar-popped, football-obsessed douche of a frat boy boyfriend downing beers at the local sports bar.
Look at that sorority girl bimbo over there. I think her name is Stacy or Lauren or something.
by Aria H September 23, 2010
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Usually a retarded bitch that has little understanding of the world around her. She typically has no idea who she is as a person therefore she does anything to fit in the crowd no matter how ridiculous. These girls pretend to believe they are better than everybody else and exceptional in some way because they are rich girls that have been validated their entire lives. These repulsive whores are also extraordinary fake. They pretend to be happy people, but are actually miserable due to their drug and alcohol problems , daddy issues, the excessive amounts of cock they choke on, and their complete lack of purpose and direction in their lives. Sorority girls claim they love and respect their sorority sisters, yet talk mad shit about them and fuck their boyfriends. They all are jealous of each other and compete for male attention. These girls pay upwards of $8,000 a year in some cases for fake friends, drugs, and frat chode so that they can have the validation that they are better than everybody else. The typical life path for these girls is to get ran through by 50-100+ chads in 4 years and then marry a pussy bitchmade simp and drink wine all day. All in all, sorority girls are confused, low IQ, spoiled rich white hoes with that serve nobody any good but chads looking for a quick bust.
Frat guy 1: hey brotato chip, you see that sorority girl over there? She’s a baddie homeslice, what a bad broad.

Frat guy2: yeah facts my man, we could probably both get the box. Look how thirsty for validation she is. She pretends to be hard to get, but she already fucked Timmy and Matthew.
by Foosgangerzone September 30, 2023
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