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A sorority girl is a female college student belonging to a social sorority. She may or may not live in a sorority house. She will normally be seen wearing Chanel sunglasses, a Northface jacket, and bag representing her sorority's letters. Sorority girls are typically high maintenance and very uppity. Most are white middle and upper middle class girls that are spoiled and extrememly materialistic. These bleach blondes are extremely loud and spend most of their time shopping and partying with frat boys. Often confused to be sluts, sorority girls are most often cock teases. Sorority girls are sometimes extremely protective of their sorority sisters and can only be distracted by a professional wing man.
I went to a party and all of the girls were blonde spoiled suburbanite zombies.

Yeah dude, they were total sorority girls.
by andykirby86 January 20, 2007

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Adderall. It's a pharmaceutical amphetamine prescribed to people with attention deficit disorder. It is also abused by people without attention deficit disorder as a performance enhancer. It is often abused by college students to study vigorously for extended periods of time.
Dude, I sold my entire script of Adderall on campus in one day.
Yeah that stuff is college crack.
by andykirby86 January 28, 2007

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Steve Aoki. The King of the Los Angeles Indie club scene and soon the world.
Kid Millionaire dj'd at Cinespace last night and blew the minds of everyone.
by andykirby86 November 27, 2007

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