A bitch and a retard that is both an ass and... well retarded... Just face it, retarded bitches are all around us and probably exist in outer space too.

THEY RUIN YOU! Beware of the friggin' retards and bitches combined. Seriously.
Damn! He cuckholded me and his IQ is at 69!!! What a retarded bitch.

Catarine Joicaphine decided to jump scare him again, but fell over in her chair and had a stroke... What a toxic retarded bitch!

This dude Ben Dover had parents who cheated on each other, and had a low enough IQ to name him that... What retarded bitches.

Peter Zheng got pissed at his ex-girlfriend because his coin business wasn't going well so she finally rejected his micropenis... What a retarded bitch!

The ghost got her class killed by farting loudly when the gunman walked by her class... Such a retarded bitch.
by itsteviewonder February 23, 2019
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That woman in the 4 runner in front of us is stopped in the middle of the road, is she a retarded bitch?
by Ishareanonymously March 31, 2016
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A miserable excuse for a woman. Often eats tubs of chicken wings and plays tennis, before verbally and physically attacking the poor schmuck who made the mistake of being with her.
by stewbaby August 14, 2015
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you are to use this phrase when you stumble upon someone that is mentally subnormal or has a real issue with being an asshole.
my friend Abdul is a cunt ass nigga bitch retard dipshit, nigga can't do fucking sums without crying

"cunt ass nigga bitch retard dipshit," said my mom to my dad when he was being a useless dumb drunk clown
by youstupidassbitch March 17, 2020
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The most commonly used word(s) that the secret squad uses b/c of how retarded all of the group members usually are
Bella:wtf you retarded bitch y are u climbing the telephone poll
by blindpersonhrs September 23, 2019
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