1. Require (ing) a lot of work/attention to maintain.

2. Require (ing) a lot of money or attention to appearance.

3. Require (ing) a high emotional investment or en excessive amount of money.

-Having frequent professional cosmetic consultations, such as hair-dressing, manicures and pedicures
-Excessive worthless spending (tricking)
-Attention craving
-Being too delicate or suavé
NOTE: high-maintenance is primarily used to refer to attractive straight women or a person/people that's stuck on self.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant May 13, 2006
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Requiring a lot of attention. When describing a person, high-maintenance usually means that the individual is emotionally needy or prone to over-dramatizing a situation to gain attention
Although he was a nice boy, his low self-esteem made him high-maintenance.
by A Gianotto (snipe) November 4, 2002
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1.A female that requires more than average hair/nail/pedicuire/skin care services, the latest trends, name brand clothes/shoes and handbags, and lots of attention.

2.A female who requires her man to have an expensive car, expensive house, a good paying job, and lots of money.
1.She go to the hair salon 4 times a week.She is a high maintenence person.

2.Jasmine put James in the poor house. She is a high maintenence broad.
by Shayquanita Brown June 26, 2006
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A person who has expensive taste (re. clothing, restaurants, etc.).
This person is never comfortable because he/she is constantly concerned about his/her appearance.
This person feels they are better than most people and usually judge others based on outward appearances.
I am not high maintenance
by John March 22, 2004
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1. Requiring much time and many products to keep their appearance at the current level. 2. And/or requiring much attention from others in relationships, romantic or otherwise.
1. I know I'm high maintenance, said the beauty queen.
2. Anne was a high maintenance employee, with her nearly daily requests for time-off or time-shifting.
by dagner December 2, 2007
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having expensive taste and multiple costly needs frequently.
The teenage girl had to have the expensive, name-brand shoes instead of the cheaper ones that were just as good.
by Kristine October 19, 2003
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