It's when an airplane broke the sound barrier at 657 MPH & the boom was So Loud! This was in the 60's & 70's. I sure do miss hearing it!
Hearing a sonic boom was the highlight of my day when I was a kid & still would be. The boom was So Powerful & echoed off the mountains!
by Starchylde May 28, 2016
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The sound made when jets, etc., cross the speed of sound.
From Sonic X (Japanese version with English subtitles (fan sub)):

Sam Speed (when he begins using the "Super Nitro"): Super Nitro - ON!

Sam Speed (while using the "Super Nitro"): Out here, I can't accept that someone is faster than me. If you want to pass me, you'll have to break the sound barrier!

*Sonic begins to create a sonic boom while passing Sam Speed*

Sam Speed: Sonic Boom!?

*This exact definition shows up in the anime, see the picture of it with the large yellow SONIC BOOM words above*

Sam Speed: It's over.
by frodaddy July 16, 2005
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A move that can be used in street fighter. It also can sometimes be accomplished in real life if you are having a fist fight with someone, all you have to do is put your wrists together and say "sonic boom" If you are lucky, you will see a flames that moves from your wrists, and strike your opponent
Admiral Awesome: How did you do that sonic boom?
Commander cool: I'll never tell.
by CML April 9, 2007
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n. a fart that displaces a large amount of fresh air, causing a sudden barometric spike that flutters the eardrums, one that hits your nose quicker than your ears
Shock waves rippled back through Ryan's face, like a guy on multi-g force rocket sled ride, as Jonathan loosed a sonic boom that made the windows rattle.
by Michael Gannett February 14, 2006
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A low-level sex move in which when receiving oral sex, the man, as he is about to ejaculate, pulls out and violently clasps his hands over his partner's ears at the precise moment of climax. The goal is to get the girl to bleed out of both of her ears. If one ear is successfully bled, it's categorized as Mach 1. If both ears end up bleeding, a Mach 2 has been performed.
NOTE: This should not be attempted with the man's penis remaining inside his partner's mouth. Bite reflexes are uncommon but always a risk when inflicting pain upon your partner.
Jack: Jill and I fought again today, she was being ridiculous, so during our makeup sex I reminded her of it by giving her a nice sonic boom.
Tommy: Serves a bitch right. You finally achieve Mach 2?
by jhawk010 August 23, 2009
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A slapshot that travels at or above the speed of sound. Accompanied by an explosive sound, and on most occasions, a goal.
Mitch wound up and unleashed his sonic boom on the hopeless goaltender.
by Wayne Gretzky. October 14, 2006
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