That feeling in the pit of your stomach when someone you really really really really like touches you in some way
"Stacy got flutters when she was dancing with Jim"
by Lija June 30, 2006
From a root form of "flattery" but combined with the context of "flirting" used to describe someone gay being overly friendly with someone straight, but of the opposite sex.
I wanted to talk to that cute girl but that gay guy was to busy fluttering with her, hating on my game.
by DesignFerm November 29, 2013
British term for placing a bet on something.
"Fancy a flutter on the 3.00 Derby, Fred? I've got a tip that Elizabeth Green Massacre's going to walk it."
"The one with three legs, you mean? Go on then."
by Parsefone August 28, 2006
A word describing someone who is not quite a crush, but whom you are still interested in getting to know. I.e. that hot guy you always see in the hall at school, but you don't know his name or what he's like.
Susan: "Meghan said she saw a hot new barista at Starbucks and that she's totally got a crush on him!"
Patricia: "Even if he is hot, she can't already have a crush on him - she doesn't even know anything about him. That's more like a flutter. But I'll go down there tomorrow to see if he really is hot!"
by PettyPatricia February 25, 2017
That moment you realize you're not on Earth anymore

Synonomns: fried,high,fucked up, dummy, stuck, and faded.
Jimmy just hit the blunt, then he ripped a dab and realized he was fluttered.
by 420bonghits4jesus December 8, 2015