A William Henry is a sexual activity where two homosexual men dress up like Toffs and ejaculate into each other's mouths and then pass said ejaculate back and forth while one says William and the other says Henry
Me and my boyfriend just did a William Henry for the last 3 hrs
by Amadeusquincyjones July 16, 2019
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Some president who did nothing but die once he became president. Easily the most useless guy in United States history.
History Teacher: "Yeah, so all you need to know about William Henry Harrison is that he died because he spent too much time outside."

Student: "What a dumbass president."
by Stupid Freshman Club October 14, 2018
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Someone who doesn't wear a fucking coat in D.C. in March and dies of hypothermia 31 days into their first Presidential term
It's -10°C and you're wearing shorts and a T-shirt? You're acting like a real William Henry Harrison here.
by theleekycauldron February 04, 2021
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William Henry High School is a school in Ohio of about 1,400 students. The school has little going for it except for a bunch of crappy sport teams and some nerdy clubs that nobody goes to. The school was actually named in honor of some obscure president that nobody has heard of and whose only accomplishment was to croak after being in office only a month. The school became sort of famous in early 2015 when it was discovered that just about every girl in the school had been passing out nudes and real explicit porn to just about every guy in the school. Apparently this had been going on for years and hundreds of nudes were circulating around the school and town. Of course the administration at the school claimed they knew nothing about it but the slutty girls were told to stop being such naughty hoes, or at least be a bit more quiet about being naughty hoes and passing out the porn. Nobody was charged and it's unknown how many hoe girls are still making and passing around nudes and nasty porn. And even with all the publicity over the sexting and nudes, nobody still knows who the hell William Henry Harrison was.
William Henry Harrison High School is named after someone nobody has heard but it sure has a lot of hoes that love to pass out some serious nudes and porn.
by hnoss March 10, 2017
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not the greatest man that ever lived, just a straight bitch ass nigga.

Type that goes to Hayfield, and talks about man booty all day.

"Booty...was more important than water. Booty was more important than food man."-Henry Williams
by Costello. March 05, 2009
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Probably the greatest man that ever was. Legend. Some people call him Henner.
1. "I wish i was just like the henner"
2. "What a henner"
by Billy Grishnasher March 07, 2004
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Going out to a party/event, but remaining 100 percent sober. Named after one of the greatest. He was a simple soul. Known to all, enemy to none. His greatest attruibute was that he never consumed alcoholic beverages, but still partied like a rockstar. RIP 4 ever long
"Yo, man I don't know, I think i might pull a Henry Williams tonight and stay sober."
by Robert Rychel December 02, 2007
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