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the act of relieving oneself of digested food.
I dooped all that broccoli I ate yesterday and I feel so much better.
by Funk January 19, 2003
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a)When you hit up a house party and all the people there are dues. No chicks present.

b)GTs In London
How was that party on friday? That shit was a damn Dude Ranch
by Funk April 25, 2003
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adjective/adverb/noun. 1)A word used by the Bush administration to describe the policies of John Kerry. 2)any verbage uttered by a hippie or any other person wearing sandals or hemp jewelry 3)the property of constantly changing sides or postion
Left: Bush is a warmonger!
Right: Cease your flip-floppery! Bush clearly avoided active duty in Vietnam! He's great at avoiding huge unnecessary wars!
by Funk September 29, 2004
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Man that Meat Cigars show last night rocked so hard my arms fell off!
by Funk April 25, 2003
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This occurs on hot, sweaty days when you suddenly realise that half of your underwear has crept up your arse and you have to drag it back out, as in:
Guy1: Dude, what's up, you're squirming.
Guy2: Aaaargh! It's Hungry Bum Syndrome.
by Funk October 14, 2004
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