A phrase used when there’s simply no explanation so it must happen occasionally ; similar to phrase “gonna have to
“Damn Kiko your Juul died”
-*Clicks* “It be like that sometimes
by Tupac Shakurac October 25, 2018
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Sometime foods are foods we should only enjoy once in a while, like cookies, chips, sodas, and snacks high in sugar, fat, and salt.
by Their real name September 12, 2020
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Absolute bullshit.

'Y' is not a vowel.
Kindergarten teacher: What are the vowels:
Brainwashed students: A! E! I! O! U! And sometimes y!
Me: B.S.
by Sharpie Rainbow January 9, 2009
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an expression used to indicate settling for an outcome (or person) less desirable than one would normally achieve. In a bar setting, this phenomenon typically involves significant concessions in the area of beauty, personality, fashion, and the use of footwear and/or personal grooming devices. It is therefore easy and recommended to justify one's action with this phrase.
"Sure, she was wearing her grandmother's elastic-banded safari shorts to the bar, but hey bro, Sometimes it's Tuesday."
by Sometimesitstuesday November 25, 2009
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When someone only acts like your friend sometimes. When it is good for them.
Joe: why don't you hangout with them anymore
Becks: i've became there sometime friend
Joe: wow what asses
Becks: yeah i know
by BieberHomey February 25, 2010
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Phrase often used to show that you feel sympathy, but don’t care too much about the situation.
“Dude, my dog was just hit by a car...”
“It be like that sometimes.”

*person suffers traumatic incident*

“It be like that sometimes”
by PolterSprite December 3, 2018
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