Just stating how life is and how it has its ups and downs and somethings just happen.
1.You: Man these jordans are really getting high priced...
Me: It be like that sometimes...

2.You: I gotta go all the way to the airport to pick up my aunt...
Me: Damn, it be like that sometimes....

by Victor Erazo July 12, 2006
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Phrase often used to show that you feel sympathy, but don’t care too much about the situation.
“Dude, my dog was just hit by a car...”
“It be like that sometimes.”

*person suffers traumatic incident*

“It be like that sometimes”
by PolterSprite December 3, 2018
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It be like that sometimes means you're used to being sad or you're used to getting a whole lot of crap on your plate it don't surprise you no more
It be like that sometimes is making a joke out of a situation you're in
Usually a disappointing situation
Got an F on my test, smh it be like that sometimes
by Tee Seasoning July 31, 2019
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A phrase used when there’s simply no explanation so it must happen occasionally ; similar to phrase “gonna have to
“Damn Kiko your Juul died”
-*Clicks* “It be like that sometimes
by Tupac Shakurac October 25, 2018
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(adv.): phrase describing the state of things, usually said after someone comments on something you have done that they did not agree with or understand
Friend: Hey Classique...I think I saw you at the bar last night...don't you have an exam today?

Classique: Look...girl...it be's like that sometimes. We studied for 10 days straight. I had to go take care of that!
Classique: Hey baby...what you want for dinner?

Boyfriend: Well, I mean...you know what I like. Cornbread and collard greens...and some neckbones...girl...some sweet potato pie...and some Kool-Aid...you know I love you baby, right??

Classique: DAMN! Why you actin like you've never had dinner before?

Boyfriend: Girl...cuz i'm hungry. It be's like that sometimes! (smiles)
by msclassique January 11, 2011
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honestly, a phrase that can be said in any situation.
leslie: "my sister ate my chipotle and im not here for it"
roger: "it be like that sometimes"
by superior egg January 27, 2019
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When something unfortunate that’s out of your control happens to you or someone else.
Guy 1: My girl cheated on me with a Spanish nigga bro.

Guy 2: It really be like that sometimes.
by Keykonday April 9, 2018
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