People who come and go in your life at their convenience, surface people...
Who needs sometimer's in their life.. NOT<ME
by NY-Princezz August 15, 2013
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a guy/girl of romantic interest who only calls/texts/emails, etc. when it's convenient or when they 'happen' to be in the neighborhood.
Marc hasn't called me in 3 months, but he texted me last night because he happened to be at a bar across the street with his friends. What a fuckin sometimer.
by fistpumpin' boots March 7, 2010
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A person who forget half the things not all the things like Alzheimer’s
Mrs. W: I can’t remeber what else I ate today
Everyone: Wow she has Alzheimer’s
Mrs. W: No! It’s sometimers!!
by EiceCream March 27, 2018
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A word used to annoy the crap out of someone
Me: Hey How's been your day?
Them: Pretty good, How about yours?
Me: Sometimes
Them: wait, what?
Me: Sometimes
Them: please stop...
Me: Sometimes
by MarioLovesCake October 12, 2017
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Before I was 10, I stripped off my undies sometimes due to that it's tight, though I easily slip on my undies due to that I loved my undies!
by Turo Fernandez August 18, 2019
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Just stating how life is and how it has its ups and downs and somethings just happen.
1.You: Man these jordans are really getting high priced...
Me: It be like that sometimes...

2.You: I gotta go all the way to the airport to pick up my aunt...
Me: Damn, it be like that sometimes....

by Victor Erazo July 12, 2006
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It be like that sometimes means you're used to being sad or you're used to getting a whole lot of crap on your plate it don't surprise you no more
It be like that sometimes is making a joke out of a situation you're in
Usually a disappointing situation
Got an F on my test, smh it be like that sometimes
by Tee Seasoning July 31, 2019
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