What you've bitten off to chew; your responsibilities, either given to you or self-imposed.
Seeing the long list of chores he had written for himself to do in a day, the boy's mother said, "You've got an awful lot on your plate there, son!"
by paulpaxman January 21, 2010
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To add food to your dinner plate. Term used in the south.
KIDS! Supper is ready....Come dip your plate before the food gets cold!
by Tangelina March 4, 2007
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Friend 1: yo, I never see you anymore what's up with that?

Friend 2: dawg I'm working three jobs over here and have a kid on the way

Friend 1: I got you fam, you're just trying to make your plate.
by Arty Solano January 10, 2022
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It is a common knowledge, that if we don't clean our plates, no prince will come. Many talented artists have written songs about this theme. Usually grandma warns their grandchildren that in case they don't clean their plates well, no prince will come and they will be lonely for the rest of their lives.
Harry Styles doesn't have a girlfriend. It seems like no one warned him about t
cleaning his plate. That's so sad. So remember to clean your plate!
by Ayooitsmonica 123 May 5, 2020
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I will lick your ass-hole
I will stop by and I will eat your plate
by MrMoneyP August 12, 2015
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