When the area around the female organ (or the vagina) is shaved completely and is soft to the touch.
mmmmmm, Janice has a nice soft taco.
by John Haigh January 19, 2006
A loose pussy.

A vagina that has been fucked so much it's hella loose.
"That hooker has a soft taco".
by birkle December 13, 2006
A humorous prank. While an unsuspecting male friend slumbers, two or more males strip naked, and lie in the spooning position on either side of the victim, cuddling until he awakens. Upon his waking, the two shout (in unison) "Soft Taco"
Will-Will slept alone in his tent, so Josh and Blake woke him up with a soft taco.
by Waverly August 11, 2005
code words for sexual tension; related urst; originated in high school theater back stage when one's friends have extreme unresolved sexual tension and you need to talk about it without them knowing
"wow, look at those two, they have a huge soft taco!"

"the soft taco between those two is so huge i wonder if they can eat it all by themselves..."
by Liz July 5, 2005
Term for a gay orgy with no lube.
"Nah man, I don't you think you should go to the party unless you're into Soft Tacos."
by TheBirdsCanSeeEverything June 29, 2022
A Caucasian person that associates primarily with Hispanics.
Often done to make themselves seem tougher in the eyes of other Caucasians.

Viewed as "soft" compared to other Hispanics.
Guy #1:"Hey, why is Chad hanging out with Juan, Miguel, Julio, and Esteban?"
Guy #2:"He thinks he's Mexican. He's a soft taco, dude."
by ztepfenhart December 4, 2013