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another way of saying yeah right or no in a nicer way.
the more m's added the more out of the question it is
person 1:can you take me to the store
person 2:mmmmmm
by 983456774337864563 January 08, 2009
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1. Sound when you eat good food

2. Stupid head

3. Muffled screaming
Stop being an m mm mmm
by 123 REE June 05, 2019
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This is an overall noise made to express many different things. Usually it’s a negative noise if you don’t like something or a sound one makes when tired or bored. If someone says some fuck shit saying mmm mmm is a good thing to repsond with. it can even be used just to acknowledging something.
β€œbruh have you started the homework”
β€œmmm mmm fuck that”
by pepeisntu September 16, 2018
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when you don't have enough rupees for: lamp oil, rope or bombs
person 1: sorry link i can give credit. come back when your mmmmmm richer

person 2: cringe
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