Socio in Cubonics (Cuban Slang) means good friend, or could even mean "my boy" or Socia for "my girl". Its commonly used in Cuba, as a greeting when you see someone you know.
Oye pero socio, como 'ta todo?
by Missa Marissa January 27, 2007
Noun. (So-si-oh) A term used to describe a person who is a sociopath or has sociopathic, or psychopathic characteristics
1. What's up socio?

2. That kid is such a freakin` socio!
by The Dark Defender August 1, 2011
A depraved internet-going individual with a perverse fixation on guro, non-con, and young boys. Preferably all rolled into one.
Will habitually attempt to molest anyone and everyone in the immediate area, especially if they are in some relation to the Baltic state of Latvia. Famous for unexpected off-color jokes, questions and comments; ejaculating over others in an inexplicable gesture of affection; posting links that have the potential to psychologically destroy the unwary observer; and giving away altogether too much information.

Has a secret, softer side that cares about small, furry animals and Canadians.
An object at rest will stay at rest until Socio comes up behind it and tries to rape it.
by The Mushroom Lady February 23, 2011
A nickname for Cubans. LeBatard's nickname. LeBatard is a famous Sports talker and has Cuban roots. He likes to speak Spanish & English. In the eighties he was break-dancer and he was into graffiti. He writes for the Miami Herald and he argues on PTI and the Sports Reporters; he is known and recognized in Miami for his love of chicharron. Worldwide he is recognized for his disbelief in Clutch ... bro
Socio gnaws on chicharron.
by Sciambi January 6, 2007
Socio (Male) or Socia (Female) are a social subgroup who favour family morals and communal gatherings, such as parties, picnics and 'get-togethers'. They enjoy discussing music and find social status and society interesting hence the name socios. There is no specific stereotypical look for a socio but they tend to dress in matching attire, for example sporty or smart, and it is uncommon to mix two or more predefined styles with the exception of smart-casual which has become a style in its own right. Taste in music is completely dependent on a socios own taste but some specific music that sprung up around the socio community includes soc rock, see society rock. The main ideology behind socioism is that irrespective of society's view on subcultures and stereotypes, it is possible to form a community in which people of every age, gender, culture, creed and sexuality are 100% accepted and the idea of segregation on social status is completely abhorrent.
Socio: Hey do you fancy meeting up later, there's going to be a big bonfire near the park?
Socia: Sounds great, you taking your guitar?
Socio: Of course, nothing like a bit of soc rock at a bonfire.
by lonesocio August 27, 2011

is an idealistic multi-faceted social construct, comprised of both primary and incidental properties;


a; virtue
b; morality
c; ethics


a; economics
b; politics
socio-eclectic defines the most ideal and balanced social order that can be achieved within a society.
by Baron Neville June 28, 2017
a social adaptation which allows people who are less than innocent appear to be angels in front of authority figures, friends' parents, employers, peers etc. Basically, your modern "devil-in-disguise"
"She's got a socio-disguise, she charms her asshole parents and then buys weed with their money"

by Cumdumpster March 7, 2006