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To asimulate (To substitute or replace).

asimulation (The process of substitution or replacement)


asimulate, makes reference to specific measures which are put into place, so to substitute or replace the native cultural and social norms of a society, with a foreign one.
asimulate American Indian and Australian Aborigine native social and cultural norms, with foreign European ones.
by Baron Neville August 24, 2016
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lucid eye or lucid sight is an organic idealist principle which expounds one seeing substance and quality (esse) beyond the material or physical form, and is symbolized by a single closed eye.
lucid eye is when Mike is seeking new friends, he looks beyond their physical appearance and instead looks to their inner substance and quality of character.
by Baron Neville July 09, 2019
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Is a variant of the needle in a haystack phrase. Intended to be used in a derogatory and insulting manner.
to try and locate the whereabouts of a fugitive criminal in the big city, is like trying to find a maggot in a rice barrel.
by Baron Neville May 12, 2018
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(a) a condition of being evil and nefarious.

(b) a social or political condition that is inherently malevolent, baleful, and morally depraved

(c) one whose actions and resolution lack moral adhesion and direction.
The amoral and sinister actions of a tyrant are malignacal .
by Baron Neville July 09, 2021
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marxian-DNA is a term used to describe certain consistent symmetry attributes subtly evasive but inherently present in all Marxian linguistic patterns. Effectively, marxian-DNA is the core component of a specific form of narrative composition, applied in a preconditioned pattern so to forward a Marxian objective.
" the narrative or language associated with pacifism, defeatism, the downplaying of the importance of national sovereignty and social and cultural norms etc. all such narrative constitute what can be categorized as marxian-DNA ".
by Baron Neville July 01, 2017
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is the instigating within the social group of a society disunity and division on all issues such as race, gender, politics, religion and s3xual orientation.
the destabilizing of American society by instilling racial hate and conflict between the Black and White communities is a marxian-norm.
by Baron Neville June 01, 2017
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is a term that which refers to all species which are members of natural society or the natural order of things (nature natural realm).
all species of man, mammal, and animal etc. are natural citizens of natural society.
by Baron Neville June 19, 2017
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