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"but", used in Latino English and Spanglish. It used to only be used in Spanglish, but now it is sometimes used by people who don't speak Spanish. The Latino English word comes from Spanish. Also in Pinoy English and Taglish.
"I think I liked her pero somebody tell me she ain't nothin but a mentirosa."
"I will explain you pero I said I'll keep him a secret."
"Pues no sé cual día fuiste pero I prolly wasn't workin." (Well I don't know what day you came in but I...)
by Mark Williamson November 05, 2006
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The most handsome and Croatian MAN alive. He has women on there hands and knees begging to serve him. They are usually very attracted to Jude's. Pero is can be translated straight into GOD. Pero's take first priority to Jaxon's. He has sucha a strong presense, whenever he leaves he leaves his house to go skateboarding, which his extremely amazing at, he usuallly ends up rescueing a fair maiden, saving Haiti (now more currently Japan), or adopting many orphans after ruhing then outta a burning building. Pero's have 3 main hobbies, Skate Boarding, making sweet love, and winning large quantities of money.
Jude's, "omg, im so lucky pero bangs me every night"
Jealous friend, "man, i only have a jaxon, he kinda sucks at it"
Jude's, "yeah, there's nothing like a good Pero to rock your world"
by missysimic May 30, 2011
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An extremely dirty object that is normally used to pladd others with.
I'm gonna "pladd" you with my pero! ;D
by NyteViper July 19, 2011
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A man who defines his situations in only the 2 extremeties, this being either "Thats siiiiick!!" (Siiiick being the wog equivalent of very good) or "Thats the worst!!"
1. Guy "Check out that girl at the counter."
Pero "Thats siiiick!
2. Guy "Aw man this coffee is too hot."
Pero "Thats the worst!!"
by Double XL August 14, 2006
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a horrible gay intention..mainly involving the urge to get blown by others, of the same sex
"oh my god Michael! WEBCAM ME!"
"dude thats so Pero"
by intimate September 11, 2007
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