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One who believes that life should be lived as they like. Many hippies and hermits were idealistic, only this is only a portion. Morals may interfere with total idealism, especially if certain things were instilled in one as a child as being "bad". This results in guilt for doing "wrong" things, although some are able to overcome this and live their life to the fullest they think is possible.
Screw my condescending parents and their morals, I'm idealistic and don't want to be a mindless, robotic fool that conforms to every new trend!
by generation-late-hippie July 25, 2006
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Someone who is absorbed with living life the way they perceive it should be. They purposely overlook the darkness of human nature in favor of seeing everyone in an unrealistically good light. To an idealistic, there are no such things as bad people. There are only bad situations people are in that force them to act a certain way. Finally, an idealistic is someone who expects the best from people, not realizing that not everyone is willing to give up their time or money as willing as they are.
Idealist: Okay guys, everyone just needs to bring one dollar to school tomorrow to save someone's life!
the next day~
Idealist: Why did no one bring any money!
Student 1: I'm sorry, I forgot!
Student 2: I accidentally spent it on a candy bar this morning
Idealist: Guys! Come on, how could you. . .
Student 1: It's your fault for being so idealistic.You couldn't have really expected everyone to give a dollar away.
by jasonthehero95 April 09, 2011
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Someone who acts, speaks or thinks in regards to how things should be, rather than how they are. Idealistic individuals are usually in total denial about the real nature of life and it's workings, instead espousing some kind of misguided oprah-esque, political correct nonsense instead.
Idealistic person1: "socialism roxx becuz its not fair that not everyone's rich and rich people should give their money to the poor! Yay Obama!!"

Realistic person:" I put myself through school, got a good job, and worked hard for years to get promoted, and now my money is being taken by uncle sam to give to people who never cared about bettering themselves."

Idealistic person: "Lesbians can be just like anyone else, they don't all look like men!"

Fact: 98% of true lesbians are obese and have crew cuts.

Idealistic person: "people shouldn't judge other people! we are all the same! Don't criticize other people! grow up!"

(then runs off to laugh at someone on american idol after downvoting another person's youtube video.)
by Julie-K March 07, 2010
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