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Socio (Male) or Socia (Female) are a social subgroup who favour family morals and communal gatherings, such as parties, picnics and 'get-togethers'. They enjoy discussing music and find social status and society interesting hence the name socios. There is no specific stereotypical look for a socio but they tend to dress in matching attire, for example sporty or smart, and it is uncommon to mix two or more predefined styles with the exception of smart-casual which has become a style in its own right. Taste in music is completely dependent on a socios own taste but some specific music that sprung up around the socio community includes soc rock, see society rock. The main ideology behind socioism is that irrespective of society's view on subcultures and stereotypes, it is possible to form a community in which people of every age, gender, culture, creed and sexuality are 100% accepted and the idea of segregation on social status is completely abhorrent.
Socio: Hey do you fancy meeting up later, there's going to be a big bonfire near the park?
Socia: Sounds great, you taking your guitar?
Socio: Of course, nothing like a bit of soc rock at a bonfire.
by lonesocio August 27, 2011

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