Adj.---Awesome. Totally cool. Some people might also say it is "off the hook" "tight" or "sick"
Those rims are soaky!

Jon got those new Air Jordans...damn they soaky!
by brek June 29, 2005
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to be aroused; turned on
feminine word for "horny"
Origin: Michigan State University
soaky horny aroused wet girls females
by MSUbabe September 19, 2013
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soaky means when some thing is so clean and so tight that its impossiable
a tight pair of jordans
a out fit
by shamontay williams February 11, 2005
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A sick game that male chavs play that involves sitting in a circle, (normaly in a field), around a biscuit and jacking off. The last one to cum on the biscuit eats it.
"yo Daz you wana come play soaky biscuit with us, just don't be last yh"
by PompeyGal August 15, 2007
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Also known as: one crease, a finger through the tissue, a rear breach, backdoor assailant, pushing the button and backdoor delight.

A common practice by the straight man to massage and finger ones rear passage while stroking the baby cannon.

Those not partaking in such delights have known to bat for the other team and play WOW. AKA R.Dixon.
Ah yeah, last night I had a takeaway and a soaky pokey bum wank. Absolute treat.
by Ben Fender September 08, 2019
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