A person who attacks someone on a road or a masked attacker.
He was attacked by an unknown assailant.
by DefinitionsFortheSoul November 24, 2009
To attack with or as if with violent blows; assault.
Mike Tyson to Dermot Murnaghan on Sky News:

""You're starting to irritate me now... I guess I did change because I'm not assailing you""
by Hip-Hopper November 8, 2009
Attaking someone or something violently or verbally
reviewers assailed the book as soon as it came out
by IceCreamLove May 14, 2015
the act of an assailant, or assassin. To Kill, Murder.
i went into the room and an assailance took place.
by Matt December 16, 2004
A person in a position of authority who gains traction through self-aggrandizement and power-grabbing who concurrently attempts to rip apart the progress achieved in the fabric of that culture.
America has elected a most pernicious and destructive cultural assailant.
by Dr Bunnygirl July 22, 2019