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Said by 90% of contributors to Urban Dictionary after submitting their description of peculiar sexual acts that only exist in their own imagination, as the definition of some concocted word or phrase, which they just made up.
The definition of diddly-doodly-doo is when you are having sex with a giant pile of spinach while playing video games and then your sister comes in and shoves the spinach up her vagina and you take a picture of this and post it on the internet and people in Bangkok get erections from looking at it. I just made this up.
by theguywhowrotethis September 02, 2010
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From the verb To Soad.
The act of making up words and placing them in online references solely for the sake of making a few extra silly points on a board game.
A: Ergteg is not a word!

B: Is too ...

A: Is not!

B: Yuh huh! Look it up on Urban Dictionary .... see, I told you, it's a word!

A: No way, man. You soaded that

B: I so did not

A: I accuse you of soading.

B: Go ergteg yourself!

A: You wish ....
by theguywhowrotethis August 06, 2010
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Said by people who have nothing to say, seemingly trying to fill dead air. These people probably have their lips pierced and are under 18.
ok so like yesterday I was going to school and like I saw this girl and she was going to school too and I had my lip pierced and like she had her lip pierced too and uh like so yeah
by theguywhowrotethis August 05, 2010
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1. when the girl you actually like is unavailable, so you find a slut to take her place. From the words stut + substitute.

2. a school or other institution that prepares girls to become sluts. Also referred to as High School.
My girlfriend couldn't go to the prom, so I went with a slutsitute.

The only thing they seem to care about teaching us at school is how to have sex. It's just a slutstitute.
by theguywhowrotethis September 02, 2010
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