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A fancier way of saying I'm going to kill you
Imma kill thee Winston because thou killest mine friend, methinks. methinks methought thee thou shakespeare slang shakespeare
by JaxonJackson May 15, 2016

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When something is not problematic to use multiple yikes.
I have to write an essay for tomorrow. Singular yike.
by JaxonJackson March 12, 2020

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These words are the perfect conversation starters!
Um so yeah... nice weather, eh?
by JaxonJackson February 10, 2018

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It is a derogatory manner with which to express insult upon a quote little shit unquote
*gets asked to make an example* FUCK YOU YA LITTLE SHIT!
by JaxonJackson November 03, 2017

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An onomatopoeia indicating the opening of a cash register. It is an interjection used to express the acquisition of money.
After Marvin got hit by a truck, he ended up getting $7 million in legal settlements. Ka-ching!
by JaxonJackson May 26, 2020

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Containing elements of tomfoolery.
It was tomfoolish of Jack to throw toilet paper on the Ralphersons's house.
by JaxonJackson March 15, 2016

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Someone who "speaks" sign language
Drake Carlworth, was born deaf and hence was a signlanguager from a young age.
by JaxonJackson July 20, 2015

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