You spelled "skier" wrong, dumbass.
Person 1: Look at that skiier!
Person 2: *Facepalm*
by Pablo_Taco January 28, 2016
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One of the coolest chicks on the trail! Can be wild but is still strong-hearted and friendly. Guys, if you meet a skiier girl, keep her by you cause she'll stay by your side!
Ski skiier chick skiier girl
by Truelove101 October 20, 2013
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A sex position where the female is lain on the bed with legs apart and the male thrusts inside while pushing his arms back and replicating the motion of a man skiing down a slope.
"Jake pulled The Nude Skiier last night and man was it fun!"
by LordOfTheThings January 3, 2015
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Caused by a night on the up-hill slopes.
Ricky: "I took that bitch Jackie home last night but couldn't even get hard"
Lou: "Couldn't get hard for Jackie? Why yo? She's fine!"
Ricky: "I had skiiers dick. I could have had the Olson twins shoving eggplant into each other and I would have stayed soft"
Lou: "Dayam, how many rails didjo blast anyway?"
by Rick Slender November 15, 2006
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When a girl sits in between two guys in a backseat, and hooks up with both of them. She wont let them get into her pants because she is raggin, so she whips out their dicks and jerks both of them off at once.

Resembling a downhill skiier.
"Hey Bro, I call dibs on this slut."

"Dude, its ok, she's a downhill skiier!"
by Rbra September 3, 2009
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When you wake up with a raging hard-on caused by having a full bladder. You have to stand way back from the toilet and lean way forward so that your pee will go into the bowl, rather than going all over the wall. In this position, you will resemble one of those downhill skiiers doing a ski jump.
Sheila: What the heck are you doing? You look like you're doing a ski jump in the bathroom.

David: I had to pee, and if I don't stand like this, my hard-on will shoot pee all over the potted plant you put on top of the toilet. Don't I look like a downhill skiier pee-er?

Sheila: That thing sure is big.

David: Yep
by Greyborzoi October 10, 2008
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