a pipe or bong filled with marijuana and then topped with a stimulant such as meth or lsd. althought not an effective way of taking either drug it remains popular.
oi get the gear out and some bud and we will crank some snow cones.
by stoney2007 August 25, 2005
when a crack pipe is filled to the brim with freebase cocaine or plain old crack.
Hurry up and pack me up a snowcone so that I can get an earringer, douchebag!
by monica o'donoughue January 4, 2005
In baseball a catch made by a fielder or basemen where part of the baseball is sticking out of the top webbing of the glove resembling a snow cone. Many a defensive save is made with a snow cone grab.
Tory Hunter is famous for his snow cone catches.
by Reuben D. March 26, 2008
a real snow cone is when u put speed,heroin,coke of any white substance on a cone of weed and then smoke it
hey man,pack us one more snow cone and maybe ill drive you home later!
by Manyfaces May 24, 2006
When you fuck an amputee and ejaculate on the nub.
ie. Shmazzing on an amputee's site of amputation is a Snow Cone.
by NappKinz July 26, 2010
A phenomena becoming more frequent amongst white women with big noses. These said white women think by getting a nose piercing that their beak is somehow going to look smaller. When, in fact, it just makes their nose look that much painfully bigger.
Dude 1- Sweet Jesus, checkout the snow cone on that girl!

Dude 2- Wow, her nose looks worse now with that piercing than it did before!
by O.G. Junior Mint May 26, 2015
This is when you are getting a blowjob from a babe (or even a joe) and pull out and drop your load on her head. SNOW CONE !!!!!!!
"I gave my bitch a snow cone last nite and it started melting down her face !!!!!!!!!!"
by Belleville Rikk May 9, 2006