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1. cool, rad, awesome.
2. used to describe something you dislike. ex: ugly, gross.
3. snobby, elitest.

meaning depends on context
1. That is so snooby!
2. Ew, her outfit is snooby.
3. Stop being so snooby to me.
by Lisa June 15, 2004
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The act of being both snooty and snobby.

the gal turned her head, in a snooby fashion as she brushed passed, her gaudy prada bag slung heavily upon her shoulder.....
by florak July 10, 2008
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Snoobies are breasts covered by a Snuggy. Said breasts are snoobies whether they are clothed or bare underneath. Snoobies are apart of a method of striptease, in which the female has nothing but a snuggy on, and proceeds to slowly remove it. Men with large breats are also entitled to have 'snoobies'.
"Bro, she teased me so bad with those huge snoobies!"
by Cptn Cadaver March 01, 2010
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snootiness and snobbery, combined and magnified
You won't like that new restaurant - valet parking, dress code, and plastic surgery abounds.
by Renee May 27, 2002
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noun - commonly used with the word pants. Snooby pants are used by persons with inscrutable power that suffer from incontinence.
Justice Scalia, can you pick up some snooby pants on your back to my chambers.
by HS ;-) December 07, 2002
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