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n. A hole in a bathroom of a truck stop where anonymous oral sex received.
I work at a glory-hole
by Renee December 15, 2004
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A female who has no control when it comes to a certain man.
In the past this same woman has called all the shots, but now has lost her edge and is soft in the brain over him.
Would you please stop that mushy mushy shit, kissing his picture, fingering yourself when you think of him and when you look at his pictures! You're making me sick with all that crapola!
by Renee June 24, 2004
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one who is an idiot, douche bag, or deprived of awesomeness.
Professor Drizzle is a crapsack or a saco del crap if you happen to be in a Spanish speaking country.
by Renee March 2, 2004
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Your best boys, as in your posse. Derived from "running crew," i.e. group or crew of poeople one runs with regularly.
"Yooohooo! Runnin Crew? Where's my runnin'crew?"
Meatwad's runnin crew is made up of the moononites.
by Renee March 10, 2005
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A prefix to a bullshit title, i.e. "Grand Funk Master," "Grand Funk Pimp-Daddy Extraordinaire," "Grand Funk Bandito," "Grand Funk Rajah," et cetera. One of those unnecessary flair phrases that has slipped into common parlance through the tender mercies of the teenagers in Eureka, California.
"Renee, the Grand Funk Champion of Music, thinks she knows everything about what sounds good! I'll show her! I'll put on some HOOBASTANK!"
by Renee January 30, 2004
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To swallow a man's ejaculate.
Think of the birds that visit San Juan Capistrano every year (hint: they are swallows).
Jay: Have you been with that girl at the club yet?
Bob: Not yet. Does she birdwatch?
by Renee November 12, 2003
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1. A genetically engineered creature composed entirely of organic substance designed to look and act human.
2. An android.

Replicants are distinguished from humans using the Voight-Kampff machine.
"The replicant looked like a human being but lacked empathy."
by Renee February 26, 2004
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